03 February 2015

'Thief's Row Revisited: Update on the Cromarty Medieval Burgh Archaeology Project'

Steven Birch

a talk to

Cromarty History Society, Thursday 19 March, 7:30pm

Cromarty West Church Hall

The Project Team have recently completed their second season of
excavations in Reeds Park  and the results so far are providing some
intriguing insights into the layout and function of the burgh. The hard
work by our volunteers and archaeologists has enabled us to uncover the
post medieval / abandonment phase of archaeological remains in this
part of town including Thief’s Row, a road running through the medieval
burgh, and the robbed-out remains of houses. Results from the
excavation are helping us to learn more about how the inhabitants of
Cromarty lived during the 18th-19th centuries by analysing the
artefacts recovered, many of which are personal objects from the people
living in the houses, and the animal bone, fish bone and shellfish,
which provide details relating to their diet.

Below the post medieval layers we have located significant late
medieval remains, including the stone-built foundations of substantial
buildings, supporting our belief that Medieval Cromarty was an
important burgh, probably sustained by the fishing industry. Small
finds from the medieval deposits on the site include ceramics dating to
between the 12th and 15th centuries (including imported wares from the
Scottish Central Belt, the Low Countries of Europe and Yorkshire in
England), iron fish hooks and knives, stone and ceramic spindle whorls,
stone pot lids and rotary quern stones.


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