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About soldering

Soldering is the process of a making an electrical and mechanical joint between certain metals by melting and flowing a filler metal into the joint. This filler metal is a low temperature melting point alloy of lead and tin. Most commonly used solder alloy is solder alloy that is 60% tin (Sn) and 40% lead (Pb). Another solder alloy is one that consists of 63% tin (Sn) and 37% lead (Pb).

It is difficult to say who first discovered соборы Санкт-Ппетербурга the soldering process. History of soldering is thousands years long. Soldering was used more than 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt to make jewelry. Goldsmiths of ancient Troy also knew how to solder. Then the soldering process was introduced in the Mediterranean region, and followed in the Roman Empire, Swiss, and Hungaria. However, the high temperatures required for modern soldering processes became possible only with the development of electric power.

Soldering is one of the oldest methods of joining two metals. Even though there are several techniques of connecting two metals together like bolts and nuts, rivets, etc. soldering process is still most popular because of two reasons:
- joint is solid and there is not movement in the joint
- there are no interfacing surfaces to oxidize

Soldering is the process widely applied to assembling electronic component to printed circuit boards. Soldering can be divided in two groups:

In addition, industrial soldering can be also divided into two quite different groups:
  • soldering of through-hole components
  • soldering of surface mount components

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