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Buy Aoyue soldering station in USA


soldering station
Aoyue 937

soldering station

soldering station
Aoyue 2900

soldering station
Aoyue 968

Aoyue 937 soldering station  Aoyue 936 SOLDERING IRON   Aoyue 2900 soldering iron   Aoyue 968 soldering station 

soldering station
Aoyue 2702A

soldering station
Aoyue 906

soldering station
Aoyue 768

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Aoyue 950

 Aoyue 2702A soldering station Aoyue 906 SOLDERING station Aoyue 768 soldering station Aoyue 950 soldering station

2702A Aoyue Soldering Station - Review

I have already worked with 2702A Aoyue soldering station and everything went smoothly. It is a really complete soldering system; very fast temperature response, lots of accessories. I have been using this 2702A Aoyue soldering station when soldering very fine surface mount components (SMD) in sizes 0402, 0603. The station maintains a constant temperature when the set value is reached.
 AOYUE is a leading manufacturer of soldering tools in China and Europe. Aoyue is not well known name of soldering irons in USA and Canada, but in recent years it becoming more popular. It manufactures a line of soldering irons and soldering stations that are the latest technology.

This 2702A Aoyue soldering station consists of 3 main parts:
- soldering iron with T-LF-2B tip (soldering iron comes with a smoke absorber)
- hot air gun
- de-soldering gun

In addition, this packege contains:
-Air nozzles (1124,1130,1197, 1313, 1919),G001 IC popper,
-Z003 Hot air gun holder
-Soldering Iron Holder with Solder Wire Stand,
-3 de-soldering tips(s,m,l),
-Vacuum suction pen,
-Power cord.

Aoyue 2702A soldering station

Features of 2702 Aoyue soldering station:
-all digital controls
-500 watt metal heater for hot air
-70 Watt soldering iron 200-480 C (392-896 F)
-15 minute stand-by auto sleep mode
-temperature range 100-480 C (212-896 F)
-air Flow 23L/min (max)
-the 24 volt soldering iron is compatible with the compound tip design by connecting the ceramic heater, sensor control unit and tip as one.
-vacuum pump in the de-soldering tool comes with zero crossing circuitry preventing electrical surges.


This Aoyue soldering station comes with a smoke absorber. This is great feature of Aoyue soldering iron – I love it. This is good safety feature as well. Smoke absorber absorbs all hazardous smokes from flux and solder that are dangerous for human health. Smoke absorber is attached on handle of Aoyue soldering iron and air intake of smoke absorber is positioned just little bit above the iron tip.
Of course, it is possible to buy smoke absorber as separate unit - there are many different models of smoke absorber on market in USA. Smoke absorber should be positioned close to soldering iron in order to absorb most of fumes so you always need to pay attention to perform soldering work as close to smoke absorber as possible. Sometimes this can be difficult to achieve, for example, if you perform soldering work under microscope. In addition, if you move soldering iron to different place, you also have to move smoke absorber. In these situations it is great convenience to use 2702 Aoyue soldering iron which has smoke absorber attached on handle – so when you move soldering iron, smoke absorber follows this move since it is attached on soldering iron.

The 2702 Aoyue soldering station is great $250 soldering system – the combination of high quality and great price. It is a great workstation for repairs on all types of boards. I like that

I give 5 out of 5 stars to this Aoyue soldering station.