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Buy Pace Soldering Station in USA


Pace soldering station
Pace MBT-250-SD

Pace soldering station
Pace ST-50

Pace soldering station
Pace ST-25

Pace soldering station
Pace WJS 100

MBT-250 soldering iron    ST-100 soldering station Pace ST-25 soldering iron WJS 100 soldering iron  

Pace soldering station
Pace MBT-250-SDPT

Pace soldering station
Pace MBT 350

Pace de-soldering station
Pace ST-65

Pace soldering station
Pace ST75

Pace MBT-250 SDPT soldering station   Pace MBT-350 soldering station Pace ST-65 soldering station   Pace ST-75 soldering station  

Pace solder Station MBT-250 SDPT - Review

Recently, I had to replace one part of my MBT-250 SDPT Pace Soldering Station : the heater assembly for the TJ-70 Mini ThermoJet handpiece. The ThermoJet handpiece provides continuous flow of precision focused hot air for component installation and surface-mount land preparation. The cost of Рига это the part was $125.00 (without shipping charges). It is also possible to buy the complete ThermoJet handpiece assembly TJ-70 for the Pace soldering station for $335.00.
At same time, a friend of mine bought brand new AOYUE 2702 soldering station for $250.00. He was very happy with this soldering station. It comes with three handpieces. I had the opportunity to use Aoyue 2702 soldering station and it works good. Aoyue 2702 soldering station is good value for the money and will cover many of soldering needs. An important thing to note is that the complete soldering stations costs less than one handpiece for the MBT-250 Pace solder staion.
So why would you buy Pace soldering station MBT-250 SDPT for over $2000 when you can buy AOYUE 2702 soldering station for $250.00? Aoyue soldering station just looks similar to Pace soldering station but you can feel difference between these two soldering stations at first touch. I think that MBT-250 Pace soldering station is the best soldering system currently available on market, so over time it will pay off. Pace solder station is professional soldering station that is designed for professionals. Pace solder station has been developed mainly for high volume industrial soldering and de-soldering, for hand soldering in industrial manufacturing, and for all rework and repair of circuit boards including both through-hole and surface-mount boards.
If you or your company use soldering stations on daily basic for a variety of soldering and de-soldering project, you should consider the Pace soldering station as your first choice. Serious consideration should be given to the Pace soldering station if you prefer good quality over low cost and don't mind spending the extra buck to get best soldering station on market.
I have been using this soldering station mostly for soldering and desoldering surface mount components with the use of a microscope (a microscope is not part of MBT-250 Pace soldering station). It really is a joy to work with this soldering station and it is great feeling knowing that it can satisfy all your soldering needs.

 Pace MBT-250 SDPT soldering station

Pace soldering station MBT-250 SDPT has 185 watts total power and comes with:
-PS-90 Pace soldering iron,
-SX-90 De-soldering Handpiece,
-TP-65 ThermoPik Handpiece
-TT-65 ThermoTweez Handpiece

Two additional optional handpieces are available separately:
-TJ-70 ThermoJet
-TJ-80 Precision ThermoJet


PS-90 soldering iron is a very slim iron ideal for soldering of surface-mount components as well as for soldering of through-hole components.
SX-90 Desoldering Handpiece works as desoldering pump, making it very useful for desoldering of components and cleaning holes on printed circuit boards.
TT-65 ThermoTweez Handpiece is an excellent tool for removing surface-mount resistors and capacitors.
I do not use the TP-65 ThermoPik Handpiece much because for each surface mount IC you want to remove, you need the matching tip –same size and shape as the particular IC. I think this handpiece is great for removing ICs in high volume manufacturing where you use same tip for removing same IC.

I give 5 out of 5 stars to this soldering station.