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Where to Buy Kindle Touch in Canada

  March 21, 2012

Yes, Kindle Touch is available to customers in Canada. Finally!
Kindle Touch is not stocked by Amazon Canada ( - you have to order it from the Amazon international site ( Kindle Touch will be sent to your Canadian address. The price of Kindle Touch is $139 US plus shipping costs. Warranty on Kindle Touch is 12 months.
The following model of Kindle Touch is available for customers in Canada. Make sure you go to correct International page for Canadian customers. (CLICK ON IMAGE)


Buy Kindle Touch in Canada

The Kindle Touch is a multi-touch monochrome ebook reader that uses the latest generation of E-ink grayscale displays. E-ink display looks like real paper even in bright sunlight. Kindle Touch ereader can store up to 3,000 books and supports text-to-speech, audiobooks and MP3s. Kindle Touch will download books over Wi-Fi in around 60 seconds.
Ever since Amazon launched its Kindle Touch, the thing's been selling like mad in the US. However, customers from Canada and other countries have not been able to enjoy swiping and tapping its multi-touch E-ink display -- until now.


Buy Kindle in Canada

Kindle ebook reader is world's bestselling ebook reader.
You can buy a Kindle ebook reader at Amazon. Amazon now ships the Kindle to Canada. Since the Kindle ereader is not stocked by Amazon Canada (, you have to order it from the Amazon international site ( You can pay with your Canadian credit card and have it sent to your Canadian address.

In addition to Kindle Touch, the following four models of Kindle ereaders are currently available for customers in Canada:(CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE MORE DETAILS)
Kindle 4, Wi-Fi
6" display
Kindle Keyboard
Wi-Fi, 6" display
Kindle Keyboard
Wi-Fi, 3G, 6" display
Kindle DX, Wi-Fi, 3G
9.7" display

Amazon launched new generation of Kindle ereaders in September 2011. This is 4th generation of Kindle ereaders. New products include the Kindle Fire tablet,  Kindle Touch and new Kindle 4. New Kindle 4 ereader and Kindle Touch ereader still have e-ink display to save users eyes, while the Kindle Fire comes will full color backlight display. Kindle's e-ink display reads like real paper even in bright sunlight. New e-ink kindle ereaders are  re-designed to be lighter and thinner. Physical keyboard disappears to make them more compact and more mobile to take them everywhere.
If you wish to buy a book reader, we recommend the new Kindle 4, Kindle Touch, or Kindle Keyboard. On the other hand, Kindle Fire is an Android tablet which primary purposes are internet browsing and playing music videos and games. At this time, the Kindle Fire is available to US customers only – therefore there is no international version of Kindle Fire for customers in Canada yet.
The Kindle Touch WiFi ereader is now available to customers in Canada (there is no international version of Kindle Touch WiFi + 3G for customers in Canada yet). Until now, the Kindle Touch WiFi ereader and Kindle Touch WiFi + 3G ereader were available for customers in USA only. The new Kindle 4 ereader with special offers screensaver is not available for customers in Canada because Amazon signed contract with Ads sponsor that specifically targets their advertisements for the US customers only.
Of course, customers from Canada can order Kindle Fire from Amazon website for pick up at a U.S. postal address. However, Kindle Fire will not be able to access the Amazon services available to customers who live in the U.S. At this time there are no information from Amazon when the Kindle Fire would be available in Canada.
Staples is the only a brick-and-mortar store selling the Kindle in Canada. Staples offers only 2 models of Kindle ereader: Kindle Keyboard 6" and Kindle 4. Kindle Keyboard DX, Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch are not yet available in Staples stores. (In USA, Kindle ereader is available in all Target stores, Toys R Us, Staples, Walmart, Best Buy and Fred Meyers stores).


How to Buy Kindle in Canada

If you have been wondering where to get a Kindle in Canada you will be happy to know that you can now buy your Kindle electronic reader right here in Canada.

  1. Go to and find desired Kindle ereader (or simply click on one of Kindle images above on this page).  
  2. In box “Selected Country” choose Canada. In small pop-up window you will find more details about shipping options to Canada, warranty, and accessories for Kindle ereader. After reading, close pop-up window.
  3. Click on yellow bar “Add to cart” in upper corner on right side of the webpage. This will redirect you to page for Kindle accessories that are recommended for user in the Canada. If you wish you can add accessories to your Kindle ereader. (We strongly suggest to add leather cover or any other sleeve to protect your Kindle ereader ).
  4. When you are done with selecting Kindle accessories, click on “Proceed to Checkout”.  You will be will asked   to register if you are new customer on website or to sign in if you are returning customer. You can sign in with your e-mail address and password.
  5. When you are finished with registration you will be asked for your shipping address in the Canada. Fill in your shipping address and then click on yellow bar at bottom of page”Ship to this address”.
  6. This will bring you to new page - shipping options for Kindle ereader. There are two options for shipping to Canada:
    - Expedited International Shipping ($ 11.98)
    - Standard International Shipping ($ 9.98)
    We recommend Expedited International Shipping – it is only $ 2 more expensive than Standard International Shipping but it is much faster.
  7. You will be asked for “Payment options”. If you choose to pay with credit card than you can pay with Canada Credit Card. After filling out your credit card information, click on yellow bar “Continue” on the right side of the page.
  8. Finally, you are redirected to the last page where you can see your order summary - your total costs including shipping and taxes. One more click and you are done.

Why Kindle Touch was not available in Canada

Amazon’s delay to support a nation so close to the US has surprised and disappointed many Canadians. However, it has to be understood that that international trade laws can be very stringent and therefore finalizing business deals sometimes takes an unusually long time. Unfortunately, this procedure is not possible to avoid.
Amazon typically has to overcome two major obstacles when introducing the Kindle to a marketplace: copyright and related issues with book publishers, and agreements with carriers for the device's wireless capabilities. Canadian publishers say they are not the ones holding things up. So there is nothing related to copyright issues, but more an issue with the wireless networks.
Now the wait is finally over for Canadian buyers and Kindle Touch has already started being shipped to Canada.
Canada is now amongst the countries where Amazon ships its Kindle Touch ebook reader. The International Kindle Touch has attracted a lot of international customers and Canada is one of the many countries where the launch of the device was highly anticipated. . If there was ever an ereader that a large number of international customers wanted, it has to be the Kindle Touch.


Kindle Touch - Review

Amazon launched new Kindle Touch ereader in September 2011. Kindle Touch comes with 6-inch multi-touch display in E-ink technology. E-ink display looks and feels like real paper. Another advantage of E-ink display over LCD is the lack of glare, which means you can read the Kindle Touch in direct sunlight and in other bright lighting conditions. Resolution of display is 600 x 800 pixels at 167 pixels per inch. E-ink display has a uniform contrast ratio that does not change with your viewing angle, so you can read in any position. However, the screen doesn't rotate.

Kindle Touch uses special Neonode infrared technology to sense when you touch the screen. This works pretty well although there are a little bit of lag in response. The basic principle of this technology is that small infrared sensors are built into the inside of the border around the screen and can sense where your finger is touching on the screen. Actually, you do not have to touch or push the screen – you can get response even if you let your finger to hover just a little bit over the screen.

Display of Kindle Touch is divided in few sections. Top section is around 1 inch wide on the top of the screen. It is reserved for accessing the menu and toolbar with a single tap. Below top section, the screen is divided into regions. On the left hand side there is a strip which is 0.5 inch wide. This strip is running the length of the left side. It is reserved for tapping to return to the previous page. The larger region to the right (stretching from the center of the screen to the right edge) is reserved for moving to the next page. Practically, this means that your finger doesn't need to be precisely aligned on the right-hand edge in order for you to turn pages. This arrangement of regions on the screen is finger friendly for people with small fingers as well as for people with big fingers. This design also allows you to taps from either the left hand or the right hand. So, as you can notice, Kindle Touch is devoting more than half of the screen to paging forward with a tap and only narrow strip on the left to paging back. The main reason for this is that the vast majority of the time you are going to turn page forward. This is new feature - it has not been seen before on any other ereader.

Amazon sectioned off the touch sectors differently while typing. Typing on the virtual keyboard has been significantly improved. This was one of the biggest weaknesses with past touch-screen E-ink devices. It is not perfect yet, but there is much less frustrating lag we have experienced with other touch-screen devices. It has been accomplished by Amazon’s new technology of dividing the screen into touch panels.

Touching and holding down on particular word with your finger, while reading book, will pop-up a new window with the Oxford American Dictionary. From this screen you can also highlight text, add a note or share the selection through Twitter and Facebook.

Kindle Touch has text-to-speech feature. If you like it, you can enable it via the menu in given title. It works only on ebooks where Amazon was able to negotiate the rights with publisher. This feature is quite different from audio books since the voice in this feature is pretty steady and robotic. There are a few adjustments that can be made to the voice. You can change its gender and speed up or slow down the reading.

Reading PDFs on Kindle Touch is much better with the improved ability to zoom in and scroll around the page with your fingers. Kindle Touch still works best with its own book format (Amazon format), which allows it to customize the text as needed. You can choose from eight font sizes and three typefaces (default font, condensed or sans serif type). You can also adjust line spacing and words per line. The Kindle Touch supports Amazon's format, text, PDF, unprotected MOBI, and PRC files. The Kindle Touch can convert files saved in some other formats, such as DOCX and HTML (if you email the files to Kindle Touch). Kindle Touch also supports Audible audiobooks.

Kindle Touch feels good in hand. It has contoured edges and slightly textured back. New Kindle Touch is 8% lighter and 11% smaller than previous Kindle Keyboard (Amazon recently renamed a third generation of Kindle ereaders to Kindle Keyboard). Dimensions of Kindle Touch are: 6.8" x 4.7" x 0.40" (172 mm x 120 mm x 10.1 mm). It is available in silver gray color.

On the bottom of the device, there are a headphone jack, USB port and the power button. The only way to wake the device is via the power button. USB port is designed for connecting Kindle Touch to a computer to drag and drop MP3, audiobook, or text files such as PDF files. If you are interested just in reading, you do not need to connect Kindle Touch to computer at all. Kindle Touch can download books, magazines and audiobooks straight over Wi-Fi (or cellular 3G network) directly from the touch screen. Kindle Touch has external speakers for listening to MP3s, audiobooks, or the Read-to-Me feature. But if you prefer headphones then you can use headphone jack on the bottom of the Kindle Touch

On the front of the device there is only one button. This button has 4 parallel horizontal strips .This is the only button (in addition to power button) on the Kindle Touch. All what this button do, in any context, is return you to the Kindle's home screen. Kindle’s home screen displays a list of all your content. All other interactions with Kindle Touch ereader are handled through the screen itself, which is now sensitive to touch.

New feature with the Kindle Touch and the other models from last generation of the Kindle family is the ability to share books via the public library system.

Kindle Touch has 4GB internal memory which can holds up to 3000 books.Kindle Touch has long battery life. Battery lasts up to two months with wireless off based upon a half-hour of daily reading time.

How to operate Kindle Touch
The following is a list of finger gestures used to interact with Kindle Touch:

  • Touching the right half of the screen will advance a page
  • Touching the left side of the screen will reverses a page
  • Tapping the top of the screen will get you the device's menu
  • Swiping from one side to the other on the screen will turn pages
  • holding a finger down on top of a word will bring up a dialog for getting definitions or leaving notes
  • Pinching or expanding a pair of fingers will let you zoom in and out for PDF files (for book content, this will bring up a font size control)
  • when you have more than one page of items on your home screen, tapping the right side of the screen will typically select one of them, rather than turning the page (you need the swipe to get deeper into your list)

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