10 May 2015


On the 9th of May 2015, we held our first research seminar in Cromarty's West Church Hall. The attendance was excellent, with around 50 people present, despite the sunny weather! Many of those in attendance were dig volunteers - all of whom were excited to leave the day armed with a greater understanding not only of the dig site, but of the history of Cromarty from the 11th century onwards.


Each speaker presented a 40-minute talk: Steven Birch gave an overview of the archaeological results up to now, Prof Richard Oram spoke about pre-burgh settlement, David Alston presented useful documentary evidence about the development of the town, John Barrett talked through the formation of a typical medieval burgh and Derek Hall presented on the results of pottery analysis and its implications for the site interpretation. Everyone in attendance commented on how well each talk linked into the others - and the subsequent discussion interweaved numerous new theories and questions about the dig results, the history of Cromarty and the wider Moray Firth region with the relationships between all of the medieval burghs.


The project team is incredibly grateful for the help of all those who made the day a success, especially the Cromarty West Church, the speakers and guests and, as always, our volunteers! Digging in 2015 begins at the end of June...




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